U marble : about U

A brief description of U marble goals and objectives

U marble G.P. is a new established company in the field of marble and natural
stone that aims to promote the use of Greek and selected international
marbles around the world and especially for projects. The company is
established in Thessaloniki city, Greece at 19/10/2015 , member of Group of companies that hold investments in quarries with object to promote the marbles of Group’s Quarries  and to provide services in the sectors of logistics , sales, production planning , market research , inspections , project consulting.

Mission: the growth and the facilitation of the global demand for Greek and
selected international marbles by linking the demand to the sources of the
finest materials and to ensure with our experience and professional skills the
success of this “link”

Vision: U marble to be an international node for the supply and information
flow for Greek and other selected marbles or stones

Objectives: The growth of relations with clients , suppliers , associates and the
increase of the information flow with them.

Philosophy: The build of long term business relationships with clients ,
suppliers and associates wιth emphasis to sincerity , respect and the
acceptance for fair and mutual balanced profit

U people : We are professionals with many years experience in the field of
marble and natural stone industry in many sectors as purchase , production ,
logistics and sales, that we founded the company ” U marble ” having the
vision of the “UNITY ” in the chain that fulfills or creates the demand for Greek
and international selected marbles

We welcome U in this vision


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